Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Coming Together and a Sneak Peak

Things are coming together in our house. It is feeling more like home each day. 
I wanted to share a few pictures today of some things that I have been working on and a before and after for my stepson's room. 

First, I wanted to show you this tray that I made into a chalkboard. I love it and it was so simple to make. 

Remember these old lockers that I bought in Canton...

With a few cans of spray paint, this is what they look like now. A perfect place to store all of Landon's toys.

I also wanted to share with you Landon's curtain for his closet. I removed the old white sliding doors that were originally there, and my mom made this awesome curtain out of drop cloth to be able to hide Landon's TV and clothes behind. Sorry for the poor picture quality. 

And last, here is a sneak peak of something that I have been working on. I am just about finished and I cannot wait to see it all complete. 

xoxo Lauren

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  1. I love those old lockers! And red is my favorite ;-)