Friday, September 30, 2011

The Parrott Family

Happy Friday Everyone!
A few weeks ago my sister asked if they can come take pictures at our house. We have a huge barn on the property, and I was very excited to see how the pictures came out. I think they are amazing and I can't wait to have some taken of my little family. Hope you enjoy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
xoxo Lauren

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Shower

There will be an addition my husband's side of the family soon, and we needed to prepare for his arrival. 
The hubs and I hosted a couples baby shower for his brother and sister in law. It was small, only family and a few friends. I had a great time planning and getting ready. I forgot to take a picture of the invitations, but I found a template online for a folded baby diaper. I printed it on baby blue card stock and made diapers for the invitations. I put a little lime green and white bow on the front. 

It was a beautiful afternoon to be outside visiting. 

I used an old bassinet to put the gifts in. This was the bassinet used for my dad, me, and all my siblings. 

Can't wait to meet little Maddox Joseph!

xoxo Lauren

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bird Bath & Bird Feeder

Hey Everyone!
Not sure if you are familiar with Pinterest, but it has become one of my favorite websites.There are great ideas for the home, DIY craft project, great recipes, and so much more. We found on Pinterest a cute bird feeder made from a teacup and saucer. When we went to garage sales in Lafayette, we found some fun teacups sets that would be perfect for our bird feeders. I also found a pitcher with matching bowl at a garage sale. I really didn't want the bowl, but I loved the pitcher. Well, the man didn't want to sell separately. I was very happy once I realized that I could also make a bird bath with the bowl. This is a very easy project that looks so cute in a flower bed. 

We made our bird feeders with steel rebar steaks, a copper cap from the plumbing section at lowes, and marine glue. For the bird bath we needed more support than the bird feeders. The man that was helping us at Lowe's thought that we were absolutely crazy, but I think we finally got him to understand what we were trying to make and he was great help for finding what we needed for the bird bath. 

We spray painted the all of the posts with the color that we wanted. We then used the glue to glue the cup to the saucer and then the copper cap to the bottom center of the saucer. Once all of the glue is dry, place your steak in the ground and glue the cap onto the post. Our copper caps did not fit the rebar like we wanted so we had some trouble getting them to stay balanced. 

Once the project was completed, we found online an easier way to make these, of course! The next time I make some I will let you know how the new method works. 

xoxo Lauren

Monday, September 12, 2011

Garage Sale Picking

Megan and I spent our Saturday morning 
digging through Garage Sales. 
We were on the road for 5am to see what goodies we could find, 
and we came home with a car full!

This was my favorite purchase of the day

You will never guess what I paid for this....$1!!!
It looked a good bit worse than this when I bought it cause it was cover in yellow flowered contact paper. 

I did not take long to pull all of the paper off. More pictures to come of what it looks like in my house. 
I found this awesome metal card catalog for my mom. She was quite excited!

Tomorrow I will post how to make these cute bird feeders and bird bath.

xoxo Lauren

Friday, September 2, 2011

Chairs and a Fireplace

I have many projects that I am trying to complete, but it is taking me a while. I bought a matching chair and rocker when we were in Canton, TX a few months ago. I knew that I wanted to paint and recover them. Before the move to the new house I painted both chairs with a baby blue then a gray on top. I also purchased the fabric online that I knew I wanted to cover them in. I finally had time this week to distress and recover. I love the way that they came out. Eventually these will be on my back porch/sun room sitting area. 

This the the original chair

And here are a few pictures of the completed chair
Please excuse my outdated floors... 

I have another dilemma with the fireplace in my house. 
This is what it looked like when we moved in...

And this is the fireplace once I painted it

I found the stand and the ceramic wood in the shed outside. I am thinking about trying to antique it to make it blend in with the rest of the room. Maybe I will experiment this weekend since it will be too wet outside to do anything else. Hope everyone has a good Labor Day Weekend. 

xoxo Lauren